TULANA is a Sri Lanka Jesuit Province Apostolate mandated by the Superiors and founded in 1974 by its current Director, the Asian Jesuit Theologian, Indologist and Buddhist Scholar, Fr. Aloysius Pieris, s.j.

“The name TULANA has its roots in Sanskrit and means four things taken together: elevation, weighing, comparing and deciding for the weightier things – in short DISCERNMENT.”

Its primary founding motivation was as a response to two challenges – the challenge of the spirituality and philosophy of Sri Lanka’s major religion, Buddhism, and the challenge of the socio-political aspirations of the highly educated but marginalised rural youth.

Over the years Tulana has developed into many things in one:-  a mini-university where scholars from here and abroad come for research,  research guidance, consultation and thesis supervision, and where  students and others attend seminars, workshops and training and study courses.

It is also a mini-retreat centre, where people come for meditation and spiritual accompaniment; a social animation centre for those engaged in social issues; and a forum for artists, who want to express their philosophy in non-logical, non-verbal media of communication.

The Intellectual Apostolate of the Sri Lanka Province of the Society of Jesus has been under the continuous stewardship of the Tulana Research Centre and its Founder/Director, Fr. Aloysius Pieris, s.j. ever since he inherited, more than forty years ago, the intellectual legacy (with its valuable library, documents and ancient coin collection etc.) of Fr. S. G. Perera, s.j.

The centre piece of Tulana is its library which consists of the Fr. S. G. Perera Memorial Oriental Library, and the main Tulana